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Wioleta Krzysztofik

Tax advisor

Her Tax Consultancy Office and Accountancy Office was established in 2003. Member of the exam committee in tax-related subjects at ESKK, a distance-learning school, authored articles on tax law and balance sheet law, including “Changes in the Tax Ordinance”, “Recording the purchase goods from a non-EU country”, “The moment of booking expenses as costs – perks and bonuses”.

Implemented a number of projects concerning tax optimisation and numerous tax reviews. Represents clients in proceedings before tax authorities and administrative courts. Has extensive experience in conducting tax-related trainings and workshops such as for example: “Auditing a beneficiary’s separate accounting records”, “Separate accounting records and documentation of the subsidy received”, “VAT changes in 2015”.

Lecturer at the Polish Economic Society in Poznań, ITP and the Wielkopolska Economic Chamber. Currently she is training to become an expert auditor. Provides consultancy to many well-known companies from various sectors of the economy.

Main interests: tax on goods and services and tax optimisation.