The law firm provides professional assistance in claiming damages and settling disputes related to insurance agreements.

We represent our clients in claims adjustment proceedings before insurance companies, in court and execution proceedings.

We are successful in claiming compensations from insurers for:

– damage to property i.e. buildings, movables, machines and devices, including agricultural machines, crops; caused by faulty products, downtime, etc.

– damage to persons – suffered due to traffic accidents, industrial accidents, accidents related to running a farm, etc.

– damage to vehicles i.e. under a third party insurance which is obligatory for owners of mechanic vehicles and comprehensive insurance, assistance insurance together with claims related to renting a replacement car, loss of a vehicle’s commercial value after a damage, etc.

– transport damage concerning destruction or damage to load, loss (including theft) of load, delay in delivery and other claims which may arise in relation to the performance of transport and forwarding jobs.

Moreover, we offer comprehensive loss adjustment for business entities.

We also conduct audits of clients’ insurance policies to indicate where the scope of cover should be extended to include additional clauses so that any compensation covers a particular damage in full. The audit will also reveal insurances which provide double cover of the same risk and those which are not adjusted to the client’s activity, i.e. do not serve their purpose and should be terminated.